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    • Create videos fast and easy.
    • No filming, no narrating.
    • Just upload a PowerPoint® file and our system will do the rest.
  • PIP-Maker

About PIP-Maker

  • PIP-Maker is a cloud service where you can upload your PowerPoint® files and convert it to videos. The text in the note area will synthesized to voice and a 3D avatar will present the content for you. It just takes few minutes to create the video. You can choose the avatar, language, voice, background image, BGM and more as you desire. Create videos for promotions, webinars, explanations, teaching (eLearning), and manual, as others. Can be interactive videos where users can choose what part of the video they want to see. You can analyze the user interactions, review the contents and do optimization. Create survey and questionnaire contents for diagnosis. Also you can get conversions in from your website.
OS: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Android

Contents can be play on PCs, tablets and smart phones

  • Devices: PC, Smart phones, Tablets
  • OS: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Android
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or newer, Google Chrome 6.0 or newer, Safari 3.0 or newer

Situations using PIP-Maker

  1. Business
    • Providing online presentation on your website anytime 24 hours a day. PIP-Maker enables salespersons to make simple online presentation on your website.
    • Having online seminars and advertisements for events. PIP-Maker enables salespersons to have online seminars and advertisements for events.
    • Facilitating business proposal, PIP-Maker supports your business proposal for your products and services via email.
    • Helping marketing research for your products and services. PIP-Maker helps questionnaires to users and prospective customers for your products and services.
  2. Education
    • Assisting In-house training. PIP-Maker could be used as E-learning for employees.
    • Supporting customers and agents. PIP-Maker enables its users to share the knowledge and sales manuals.
  3. Attracting customers
    • Being used as digital signage. PIP-Maker could attract customers by playing the video on the large-screen display in each shop.
    • Being used at the event booths. You could attract customers more effectively by using PIP-Maker in events like exhibitions.

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