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About PIP-Maker

OS: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Android

Contents can be play on PCs, tablets and smart phones

Situations using PIP-Maker

  1. Business
    • Providing online presentation on your website anytime 24 hours a day.
      PIP-Maker enables salespersons to make simple online presentation on your website.
    • Having online seminars and advertisements for events.
      PIP-Maker enables salespersons to have online seminars and advertisements for events.
    • Facilitating business proposal,
      PIP-Maker supports your business proposal for your products and services via email.
    • Helping marketing research for your products and services.
      PIP-Maker helps questionnaires to users and prospective customers for your products and services.
  2. Education
    • Assisting In-house training.
      PIP-Maker could be used as E-learning for employees.
    • Supporting customers and agents.
      PIP-Maker enables its users to share the knowledge and sales manuals.
  3. Attracting customers
    • Being used as digital signage.
      PIP-Maker could attract customers by playing the video on the large-screen display in each shop.
    • Being used at the event booths.
      You could attract customers more effectively by using PIP-Maker in events like exhibitions.